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Terms of Use refer to website www.upbooking.com (en adelante SITIO WEB) property of MA-NO WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT S.L., with address in c/ 31 de Diciembre,22 1Izq. 07004 Palma de Mallorca. Subscribed to the Registro Mercantil of Palma de Mallorca, el 2/2/2012, Tomo 2485, folio 127, Hoja PM-68883, inscripción 1a. - CIF: B57742694 Intl:ESB57742694 (from now UPBOOKING).

The use of this website constitutes acceptance of all terms set forth in this document according to each of the user profiles.

We refer hereafter to the OWNER as to the person or entity that uses the services of UPBOOKING to manage vacation rental accommodations and services.

We refer hereafter to TRAVELERS as the person consulting availability or make a reservation through a WEB SITE OWNER or through any of the PARTNERS SITES or where the OWNER is announcing.

We refer hereafter to PARTNER or PORTAL as the person or juridical subject who uses the services of UpBooking being somewhat technically integrated such as a portal that displays information for accommodations in your website or application, or any company that makes use of UPBOOKING services at any of its solutions.

Clauses for Owners

  • Legitimacy: the OWNER guarantees UPBOOKING which has unrestricted power and legal capacity to manage their accommodation through UPBOOKING, taking responsibility to facilitate accurate identification, accurate and constantly updated, both about his identity as on the accommodations that manages your account.
  • Service Definition: UPBOOKING provides to the OWNER a set of services and tools for calendar management, booking and planning of their accommodation,include the following:

    1. The centralized calendar service (which lets you enjoy an availability calendar for your website or any other website, which is automatically kept updated with integrated portals in UPBOOKING in which the OWNER announcing their accommodation )
    2. Booking engine (which lets you enjoy a secure booking engine to receive online reservations from the website or from ACCOMMODATION some UPBOOKING integrated portals, if the OWNER set it)
    3. Management system planning and housing in general (that lets you manage reservations, planning, inputs and outputs ...)
    4. Some modules or additional tools (optional for the OWNER, with which to streamline the management of your accommodation, such as a module with which to generate and manage invoices and receipts or a module with which to communicate by SMS .. .)
  • Booking Engine - Performance: It is mandatory to keep constantly updated the availability calendar to avoid duplicate bookings (overbooking). And in case you have not updated schedule be given a reservation duplicate, the OWNER must be addressed as priorities booking received through UPBOOKING or alternatively, provide the passenger accommodation of equal or higher quality for the same or lower cost for the dates, taking over the management itself and any additional costs that may be incurred (or reach a mutually agreed solution to the traveler).
  • Plans and costs of UpBooking: UPBOOKING bundled offers different services in different plans, each with specific capabilities in the various services, which always appear accessible both on the public page where you log in as OWNER, and where the OWNER can change plans. By registering a OWNER always gest the FREE Plan which is the most basic and CARRIES NO NO COST, and then you can switch to a higher plan if you like.

    The details of the various plans will be posted on the web www.upbooking.com.

  • Flow of money charged for online reservations and way of payment for services: UPBOOKING is a simple tool that allows the OWNER of collecting the data required to complete the booking and charge THE TRAVELER according to the conditions that the OWNER included in his engine. THE OWNER is directly responsible for the entire procedure of the reservation and the payment, having UpBooking acted as a mere tool for data collection.

  • Anti-fraud Warranty: This is a safety and reliability for TRAVELER accommodation ahead of possible fraudulent action. Is to install a security file in the OWNER website, so you can know exactly if the establishment is real and who is the respective owner by checking his web domain.
  • Validation of accommodation: UPBOOKING offers to OWNERS the opportunity to validate the existence of properties under management, so as to rule out the physical absence or fraudulent publication. To this end UpBooking provides the validation service by sending a unique code validation certificate, thet the OWNER must install it in his website. And if it is impossible, to provide the OWNER with validation alternatives.

  • Billing the traveler: the OWNER is responsible for billing the TRAVELER by reserves or any service we provide. In any case is the responsibility of the OWNER, both the service offered and the amounts collected and generated receipts or invoices, and UpBooking act in this regard only as a technical tool used by the OWNER.
  • Cancellation Policy: The OWNER is responsible for the cancellation policy setting the details for each of their quarters, and to carry it to each of the bookings received through the booking engine of the PROPERTY.

    The TRAVELER accepts the cancellation policy in effect when making a reservation be mandatory reading and accepting in turn conditions expressly reserves, and figuring the cancellation policy in effect at that time these booking conditions.

    Being UPBOOKING used as a technical tool, is not responsible with disputes between TRAVELER and THE OWNER.

    UPBOOKING always keeps track of the current cancellation policy and accepted by both parties at the time of booking, the data show that both parties admitted, and as impartial body shall make available to the parties or their legal representatives, as well as any government agency so requires, such records demonstrating the commitment of both parties at the time of booking.

Clauses for Travelers

As specified in the BOOKING CONDITIONS to accept at the time make a reservation, because there is no record or service offered by UPBOOKING directly to TRAVELERS apart from allowing both to save a reservation on-line to a housing of a OWNER that uses UPBOOKING.

Clauses for Portals and Partners

  • Legitimacy: the PARTNER PORTAL guarantees or UpBooking which has unrestricted power and legal capacity to integrate its service with UpBooking Platform, taking responsibility to facilitate accurate identification, accurate and continually updated information about their identity and offering services that are related to integration with UpBooking.
  • Services offered: UpBooking provides to PORTALS synchronization services integrated calendar and booking engine. These services can be integrated via various options offered in the private area of ??SITE, such as widgets, websites and iframes integrated into the PORTAL website or a series of XML or API calls.
  • Calendar sync: The purpose of this service is to maintain automatically updated calendar of accommodation managed by UpBooking and also advertise or use any service or PARTNER PORTAL. Being able to synchronize bidirectionally.
  • Limited Liability: UpBooking not responsible for any loss of service that may be due to technical problems, and always try to have maximum service availability. Rejecting any kind of responsibility for services or PARTNER PORTAL that may be caused by an act or omission by any technical failure, loss of service or incorrect UpBooking implementation of services.
  • Special conditions and rates of service: the specific conditions of the collaboration between UpBooking and PARTNER will be included in a document and conditions or contract, which also reflect fees or service costs.

Legal Notice

UpBooking linked to herein and the general use of the Website Legal Notice, which include, among others, all aspects of data protection policy. And the OWNER expressly acknowledge and accept this Disclaimer.

UpBooking reserves the right to update these Terms of Use and freely modify this acceptance remains in force at all times expressed herein.

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