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Price of single services

Availabe rooms* Free
Minimum days of stay* Free
Branded layout* Free
Multilanguage* Free
Unlimited Board basis** W/Paid Services
No UpBooking ADV** W/Paid Services
GA e-commerce tracking** W/Paid Services
Personalized emails and social networks urls** W/Paid Services


Booking Engine Premium Version, Price Of Single Services.

  3 Months Subscription 6 Months Subscription 12 Months Subscription
Multirates Package For Single Hotel
7 USD 13 USD 24 USD
Extras In Room
Extra Amenities In Room For Single Hotel
5 USD 9 USD 16 USD
Rooms Plan 8 Single
8 Kinds Of Room For Single Hotel
4 USD 7 USD 13 USD
Rooms Plan 50 Single
50 Rooms For Single Hotel
17 USD 25 USD 34 USD
Rooms Plan 15 Single
15 Kinds Of Room For Single Hotel
7 USD 13 USD 24 USD
Hotels Plan 50
Activate 50 Hotels For Your Account
72 USD 140 USD 250 USD
Hotels Plan 15
Activate 15 Hotels For Your Account
18 USD 34 USD 65 USD
Hotels Unlimited
Hotels Unlimited
176 USD 340 USD 672 USD


* Services are only for subscribers of Upbooking, so sign up now or login to get started!
* * Services will be active if buy one of the paid services

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Plugin Builder

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