No ads, no unwanted emails, no unwanted network, and it's free.

Our goal is to provide a clean, simple, free reservation booking engine that you can embed in your website as a widget without all the other stuff that you would rather not have. If you own a Hotel, B&B (Bed and Breakfast), hostel, cabin, condo, vacation rental, or a house and you would like to take reservations online from your website, then give us a try


Upbooking free booking engine administration area

With UpBooking, through ONE BACK OFFICE you are able to sell your rooms online and manage your reservations

You can integrate UpBooking in your property website with a simple javascript code. Sign up for free!

Once your account is registered and your profile set up, you can activate one or more properties in your profile  page from your Back Office and insert a link choosing among 3 types of integrations: a simple link, a link to a new window, or a fully integrated booking panel in any of your website's page throught xml webservices. 

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Plugin Builder

Plugin Builder

Recipetor - Motor de reservas y Gestor de recetas y cocinas para toda clase de restaurantes, La aplicación para las recetas de tu restaurante