Booking engine for Restaurants

Get more table reservations online, even when you are closed!

Accepting table reservations online 24/7 helps you save time, grow your client database and allows your clients feel more comfortable. Stay ahead of your competitors! 

Reservations & Table Management

A restaurant booking system is the backbone of any restaurant that accepts table reservations. Choose a flexible restaurant system that is easy to use, fast and stable. No commission and free up to 25 bookings per month.

Manage all restaurant reservations with ease.

Our reservation management tools allow you to quickly view, add or edit reservations, move them around the day, and control reservation times. You can even control multiple restaurants from one single account!

Increase revenue and improve service.

Increase your restaurant sales, promote events, and take prepayments on busy days. Grow your email database by integrating popular mailing software. Use our interactive reporting dashboard to improve your restaurant’s performance. Take your business to the next level in efficiency.

Activate your reservations engine platform for your restaurants and start to receive reservations inmediately!

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Plugin Builder

Plugin Builder

Recipetor - Motor de reservas y Gestor de recetas y cocinas para toda clase de restaurantes, La aplicación para las recetas de tu restaurante