Booking engine for hotels

Upbooking is the perfect booking engine to integrate into the website of your hotel or business that will provide you with great results.

To be a white label booking engine can be customized entirely with his image meantime in its own booking engine.

Sign up here now, only you must to register your hotel now, you will be surprised the simplicity in use and easy integration with your web page.

Once registered in the Upbooking system, the data must be entered in the Administration Panel on your property are summarized in:

-General information about the property
-Information of the type of rooms
-Offered rates
-Availability and prices

Then you must only insert the code that we send you on their website and can choose one of two options:

-Integrate the search pluging into your web
-Put a simple reservations link on your website to send the customer to the page of your property in Upbooking

From that moment you can already start to receive reservations online

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Plugin Builder

Plugin Builder

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