Standard Booking Engine (Free)

The UpBooking project was born with the aim of creating a booking system environment, functional and cheap, dedicated to the hotels which are damage for the effects of high cost of commissions, fees, or maintenance of their booking engine.

That's why the standard version of UPBOOKING is totally FREE.

All those features are included in the standard version and are totally free:

  • Upbooking provides a fully administrable booking engine for hotels
  • A free calendar to show your day-to-day availability
  • Add Fotos
  • Availabe rooms ( you can set the number of available rooms in every single accomodation)
  • Detail description and characteristics of the rooms.
  • Your clients can book multiple room types and multiple board types at once
  • Minimum days of stay ( you can set  you can set your minimum days of stay)
  • 3 Board kinds ( ex. All inclusive, Bed and breakfast, Room only... )
  • Branded layout ( you can customize your booking engine template by writing your own HTML and CSS)
  • Multilingual customer interface and multilingual backoffice, adapts to your language
  • Stats ( Upbooking provides visits stats to your booking engine and reservations made with conversion rates)
  • Maps & Directions: Complete map application that allows you to show your location
  • Define terms and conditions
  • Define cancellation contidion
  • Up to 3 hotels for account
  • Up to 3 kinds of rooms for hotel
  • SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Free updates and upgrades are included as part of Upbooking Free Booking Engine


   Activate your booking engine now !  

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Plugin Builder

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